Novel idea - I like companies that can think outside the box and address some of the common problems that plague people wanting to start up a business. Nice selection of jewelry too!”

- Debbie Worster


A great 'side' business for my crochet booth at the craft fairs I go to”



“Sold accessories for major department stores for years. I love jewelry and I love playing around with different pieces to see what goes with what. I always wanted to start my own accessory business, and this is so simple to do.”

Ms. T


Unemployed for over a year, this is just what I've been looking for.”

- Michelle B.


“I love this idea. Buy, make your own price and make extra money. What could be easier??? “

Cheryl Evans


This looks like a wonderful venture. I sold MaryKay for a couple years and stopped because it was tough to work over 40 hours a week on top of the sales quota I had to maintain. I didn't understand why If I paid for all of the class materials and the products, why did I have to sell a minimum of $200 a month?? I should be able to sell what I want, right??!! This company is lot better to work with.”

-Delatour K.


Great idea, and I like the 'no commitment ', and selling how and where I choose. It's a great thought to be able to do what you want with this product.”

-Patti R.


“I love this! I started making my own jewelry a few months ago with the intention on selling it to make some extra money and this seems like fate that you have this.”

- Honey S.