Custom printed Items

Custom printed items are great to give away as promotional products for your business or as personalized gifts. Contact us about ordering custom printed items in bulk if you do not see the quantity you need. Bulk prices are cheaper than the prices listed per piece when ordering 10+ piece of one item. Items are printed at high quality by a professional graphic designer. Please note that each item has a different shipping lead time, often printed item as shipped out within a weeks time. A few unique custom items my take up to 4-6 weeks to arrive. 

How to send your custom design:

1. Make your order online and send payment

2. email your design to with your order number and the item you would like the design printed on. 

Please note: it is best to send large 300dpi resolution images. If you send smaller images such as images off the internet or off facebook, they may not be high quality and it is possible that they may become pixelated when printed. We are not responsible for problems with quality of the print from the image you have sent when it is below the standard of 300dpi resolution. If you have questions about printing your image, please email us. 

3. If you need graphic editing to your design such as adding text, a collage of photos, or any other graphic design, we can provide this at a minimal extra charge. Please contact us with questions about graphic design at 

ALL SALES FINAL on custom printed items.


Design ideas/ options:

Can't come up with a photo you want to print? Would you rather have a monogramed items with a pattern? Choose from the patterns and fonts below and we will create a beautifully designed item custom made for you!




File Formats accepted:
.pdf - Portable Document Format
.cdr - CorelDraw™ (version X7 or lower)
.eps - Encapsulated Postscript
.psd - Adobe Photoshop
.tif - TIFF bitmap
.jpg - Jpeg bitmap
.bmp - bitmap
Client (Distributor) is responsible for all artwork releases, permissions and licenses. Use specific file names like “Veronica’s Flowers 36x60 floor mat.jpg” - You would be surprised at how many files are uploaded to our server that are named “Conde Print file.jpg” or something similar. We want to make sure we get and print the correct file.


Vector files in the native graphics format are preferred over bitmaps, especially if enlarging a graphic for wide-format output. Include fonts or convert fonts to curves.

All submitted raster/bitmap files should be 150ppi to 200ppi* at print size. 150ppi is usually acceptable if transferring to fabrics. 200ppi is better for transferring to Unisub and other hard substrates. If it is a bitmap file, Tiffs are preferred. * Resize image in Photoshop to the intended print size without "resampling" it to determine ppi (pixels per inch).


Fonts (a.k.a. Text)
Convert Text to curves OR save as a jpg! If there is text in the image and submitting the cdr, pdf, psd or eps file format, convert the text to curves. If you save the files as jpg or tif, there is no need to convert to curves.


Please use the RGB color space when creating new graphics* and when submitting any and all artwork**. Digitally captured or scanned photos default to RGB color. We will certainly accept CMYK and other color spaces in the artwork, but we usually get better results in RGB.


* NOTE: The output from our printer will not match your printer nor will it match your computer’s monitor. If color is important to the job, the customer must approve a proof from our production facility.


Artwork Requirements for CMYK Offset Sublimation printed Mugs

Please complete the following checklist before submission of order to ensure all critical information has been provided.

*4-color process art is supplied at a minimum of 300dpi . All line art is supplied at a minimum of 600dpi.
*All images are at 100% of size.
*A high quality color match proof from the files used to create the final piece is provided.
*All 4-color images are supplied as CMYK: all spot colors must be identified and color breaks tagged.
*All files used to create final piece are included.
*Non-compressed files have been supplied.
*All screen and printer fonts are included. 
*All copy is a minimum of 12 point type.
*Any narrow or seriff type has been made bold.
*All images have been proofed, color corrected and adjusted prior to submission.

Because of differences in monitor calibration and flat-bed scanner calibration, there can be drastic differences between the image as it appears on the computer monitor and the final product. Artwork generated in a “RGB” format versus the “CMYK” format of the Four-Color print process may experience drastic color differences that we will not be held responsible for.