All-inclusive Kits




All-Inclusive Kits Include:


1. A WIDE variety of necklaces, bracelets, rings, hair accessories, earrings and more!


2. FREE accessory sales idea booklet


3. FREE accessory displays


4. FREE business cards for you to use to promote your accessory sales.

sales-biz-card.jpg sales-biz-card-back.jpg

5. FREE container to safely store your accessories inside.


6. FREE set of labels to price your accessories


7. FREE access to consultation with industry experts:

Industry Expert Advice Membership

What is the program?

When you buy a kit, you are automatically enrolled in our online industry advice membership program. You receive a certain amount of time, depending on which kit you purchase, to be a member of our Industry expert advice program. Your membership is renewed for more time each time you buy a new kit.

What kind of advice?

You will be given email access to consult with a leading industry expert that can help you with any questions you may have on:

• How & where to sell

• How to price your items

• How to market & advertise your business to grow

• Where you can buy other discounted supplies

• How to get marketing materials and corporate identity

• How to incorporate and make your business official

Industry advice like this would normally cost you an expensive retainer fee with a marketing company or business consuting firm, but it comes FREE with your membership when you buy a My Accessory Business all-inclusive kit or can be purchased separately. 




Personal sales kits, kits for jewelry makers and business sales kits available in the store.